July 27, 2023:  Welcome and thank you for visiting Margaret’s website!  We are still in the beginning phase so there are still a lot of features and content that needs to be filled in and polished, but the basic form is finally live.  Please visit the photo pages to review moments in Margaret’s life and career.  

     The comments section is still a “coming soon” work in progress, but once it is active, feel free to comment and share your thoughts,  stories and photos of Margaret you wish to add to the collection.  

     A memorial service for Margaret is also still in the planning stage, so please visit this page again from time to time for details, place, date and time as more news becomes available.  Since many of Margaret’s friends live outside Illinois, for convenience, a zoom/video of the service will be a part of the memorial so you can watch it live in the video section of this website and also in the future as it will become a part of the permanent archive in the videos section.